How to Write Fight Scenes like John Wick | Masterclass

Understanding how to write a fight scene in a movie can make or break your action movie or even your screenwriting career. You’ve seen how good Keanu Reeves looks during John Wick fight scenes, but it raises some questions about writing fight scenes in general.

Screenwriting fight scenes like John Wick scripts takes a certain approach, and this video essay will show you how to write the best fight scenes so that a director like Chad Stahelski can build an action movie that allows you to watch Keanu Reeves fight stunt man after stunt man to create some of the best movie fight scenes.

Don’t write another fight scene in your movie until you’ve seen our take on the best John Wick movie fight scenes out there. We’ll go over what to avoid when learning how to write fight scenes, how screenwriting format can help, and we give you fight scene examples. Finally, you will know how producers and directors want a screenwriter to write a fight scene, and you’ll see how John Wick fight scenes were written so that you can take away lessons from one of the best Keanu Reeves action movies out there.

The end result: You will know how to write a fight scene like John Wick, how Chad Stahelski took the fight scene on the page and build a John Wick fight scene with stuntmen, Keanu Reeves, and some serious fight choreography.

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