A True Genius – Satish Kaushik finds New Gems for Bollywood

When the makers of Kaagaz launched the poster of the film, the audience went crazy. Everyone was in complete awe of Pankaj Tripathi’s Band Look while he holds a musical instrument, with a heart-throbbing smile.

The credit for this brilliant idea goes to Vishal Yoman & Ayushi Anand, Founders of the renowned Kalpanik Films. Creating posters for a film is not an easy job. You got to explain the essence of the film with just one picture! They tried to break the trap of visual mediocrity and push the envelope in trying to create an entire narrative through just a poster.

“Kalpanik Films have an amazing team headed by Ayushi & Vishal who always wants to come up with new ideas. The young and fresh approach for the Kaagaz posters really help to connect the film with the youth,” Satish Kaushik added.

Talking about their experience working with Satish Kaushik, Ayushi & Vishal said in a statement: “ A True Genius Satish Kaushik knows exactly what his film wants and he works towards it. He knows how to treat his films and what direction the campaign needs to go.”



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