Unnoticed Filmmaker who has introduced WebFilms to Digital Cinema

When The Internet was not a cup of tea as nowadays and Cinema is only limited to the silver screen at that time India’s visionary filmmaker introduces the term Web film and made his first Web film PHOTOMAFIA at the early age of the internet.

Adarsh Rai a visionary independent  Indian filmmaker who is the master in film direction, screenplay writing, and film editing. He has made a 51-minute long Hindi web film named Photomafia with local cast and film was got appreciated by audiences.


Post making of Photomafia he moved towards a new web film and he made  Chowkidar of 40-minute long duration in the Hindi language. Chowkidar film was also got appreciated by media and viewers.  Few Big OTT player has approached to the filmmakers for streaming this web film on their platform but production company has decided to stream this film on free of cost on youtube.

Adarsh Rai has directed more than twenty short films and 2 web films for an Indian audience. He is keen to introduce new term and technology through his visionary thoughts but due to giant player he is unnoticeable and underrated director of Indian cinema who is silently making a good and meaningful film for the audience




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